Locomotive and Tender

2-6-0 “Pioneer” Mogul Locomotive with Riding Tender

The Great American 2-6-0 “Pioneer” Mogul locomotives and riding tenders are built at The Great American Train Company’s Plymouth Works facility located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

This model's authentic styling is based upon the famous 2-6-0 Baldwin Mogul built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Baldwin Moguls were used extensively in the narrow-gauge railroads of the Old West, including the Denver and Rio Grande. This miniature version is built for backyard residential and commercial use. Scale is 1/8, more commonly known as 1.5" scale.

7.5” gauge and 7.25” gauge locomotives and cabooses are available from stock. Please inquire about 7.25” track assemblies and riding cars. A 110 VAC battery charger ships with each locomotive.

PLEASE NOTE. Two flange depths are available and must be specified with your order: (1) our exclusive .50" (12.7mm) flange depth for the ultimate in reliability in backyard and commercial operation when running on GATC-brand track, frogs and switches, or (2) IBLS standard .187" (4.75mm) flange depth for running on most live steam club tracks. IBLS standard wheel depths will run on both GATC and live steam tracks.

Features include:

  • All-metal construction with powder coat finishes
  • Classic 2-6-0 configuration: two wheels in front, six powered wheels in the middle and zero wheels in back
  • Four electric motors (250 watts x 4 = 1000 watts/1KW) providing a total of 1.34 HP
  • 1600 lbs. of total pulling power up a 3% grade
  • Polished brass sand and steam domes, bell and trim
  • Riding tender with padded operator’s seat /operator interlock seat switch
  • Electronically-controlled smoke and steam generator
  • Digital sound system with speed-controlled “chuff” sounds, whistle and bell sounds; two main speakers with subwoofer
  • Control panel with switches for keyed on/off, emergency stop, light and sounds, smoke
  • Rotary throttle knob forward/reverse
  • LCD panel with motor status and MPH/KPH indications
  • Electronic speed control with integrated regenerative/anti-lock braking
  • Parking brake
  • Four (4) sealed, non-spill maintenance-free rechargeable batteries (Type U1)
  • 10-amp, 24 VDC/110 VAC automatic battery charger
  • Authentic “Denver and Rio Grande” lettering on tender; optional custom lettering
  • Serialized builders' plate – makes every locomotive a Limited Collector’s Edition
  • Dimensions of locomotive: 23” high x 15.6” wide x 56.4” long (584mmH x 396mmW x 1433mmL)
  • Dimensions of riding tender: 17.7” high x 20.4” wide x 34.8” long (450mmH x 518mmW x 884mmL)
  • Weight of locomotive: 177 lbs. (81kg)
  • Weight of riding tender (without batteries): 115 lbs. (52 kg)
  • Weight of riding tender (including batteries): 215 lbs. (98 kg)
42001 Pioneer Mogul and Tender, .50" wheel flange depth, 7.5" gauge (for backyard/commercial use) $14,995.00
42002 Pioneer Mogul and Tender, .187" wheel flange depth, 7.5" gauge, (IBLS standard; for club use) $14,995.00
42003 Pioneer Mogul and Tender, .187" wheel flange , 7.25" gauge $14,995.00
90400 Extended Warranty, Locomotive and Tender, additional year (two years total). Must be purchased within 30 days of invoice date $1,500.00